Daisy Mae has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Light Grey

Darling Daisy Mae hopes you can’t resist plucking her from the special little garden that is blooming with her five precious flower-named brothers and sisters! Each one is a silvery, stripey version of that all-time classic kitty, the fuzzy and fanTABBulous American tabby shorthair! Each one of these blue-ribbon babies is super playful and happy and loves to romp and jump and climb. They are a posse of purring playfulness and all have super sweet personalities to prove it! Each one is a precious little bundle of friendliness and love and will burrow right in for every snuggle and bit of sweet affection! Lovable Daisy Mae hopes she’s the precious flower that captures your attention. Maybe one of her adorable sibs will too. Flowers are especially nice in pairs and bunches! So are tabby housetigers!