Nala has been adopted!

Brown & Silver

Little sisters Nala and Kiara sadly witnessed the tragedy of their sibling being killed by a dog. But they had the great fortune of being rescued and placed in a kind and patient foster home where they have been learning to trust again. Nala is a classic tabby girl with soft brushstrokes of silver on her velvety face and coat, a perfect compliment to her sister’s strokes of gold! Both girls are still apprehensive about new situations and environments, but they will let the children in the home hold and pet them and love to play with string toys and feathers. They also love the bigger cats but are understandably having difficulty warming up to the dog. They have hearty appetites and have never had a litter box accident. When they are together they readily seek and accept attention and affection and share their big, beautiful purrs. But they are still stressed and become fearful when they are apart or hear loud noises. Precious little Nala and her sweet sister Kiara are ready to be the adored additions in patient and loving homes that will cherish them. A forever life together would be especially wonderful for these little survivors!

Littermate:  Kiara