Cat 19388 (Pecan)


Cat 19388 aka Pecan is a cutiepie cuddlebug full of bouncy pouncy playfulness with a great big purr! She is a petite cat for six months, she's fun size! Pecan is a great companion to have for cuddles and play times. She is a bit reserved & won't show her great purrr-sonality right away. It might take a couple weeks for her to gain your trust all she needs is some patience and lots of love! She is independent and will entertain herself with anything that rolls, crunches or jingles! She also gets along great with her playmates as well! Once she trusts you she will run up to you for pets or curl by your leg for a good nap. Of course breakfast is her favorite meal of the day and will want some cuddles when she sees her human! Pecan doesn't like to be picked much but will take all the cheek and head scratches you'll give. She deserves a furrever home of her very own! If this fun sized beauty sounds like the one for you apply today!