Kitten 19413 is available for adoption

5 months old

Kitten 19413 is a sweet,  girl who needs a home with love & lots of patience, since she was brought to The Cat House she always been quite reserved, through no fault of her own. She was fostered with lots of TLC & is finally in the adoption room with friends! She is handling her change of circumstances with grace. She is a bit reserved at the moment, but she responds sweetly to head rubbies, cheek scratchies and petting. She has a gentle, sweet spirit and really just wants a place to lounge and be loved. She loves to cuddle but is also very low maintenance & will just curl up and sleep for hours. She loves to play, Cat House staff watches as she is curious about toys & other kittens, she romps and rolls around she is just a pure joy to be around. She is slowly coming out of her shell one day at a time. Could this shy but playful cutie be the one for you?

Please note:

  • Kitten 19413 is shy and needs a quiet home
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