Kitten 19448 (Leonard) has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

All you have to do is look at wonderful Kitten 19448 aka Leonard and his motor starts to rumble! And offer him any toy or even tap your fingers, and the fun begins! He’s a happy-spirited little guy who finds enjoyment in anything he’s offered. He also gets along fine with bigger cats and of course loves people! He may be a black kitten but he defies all bad reputations that come with black cats! He loves to cuddle and will make sure he gets his head and cheek scratches. With his affectionate personality, outgoing attitude, loud deep purr and dark handsomeness, he will be a great sweetheart in a loving forever family. Sweet Kitten 19448 aka Leonard wants to remind you that a little black kitten always makes everything better!


Littermate:  Kitten 19445 (Howard)