Gus Gus is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

2 years old

Gus Gus is a 2 year old cat who is in great need of a second chance at a forever home.  Adopted as a kitten, Gus Gus enjoyed a loving home until life circumstances changed for his owner.  He was reluctantly returned to our care in order to give him a second chance at a forever home.  Gus Gus is a big love bug who loves lots of pets, even on his tummy.  He will give head bonks when he is in need of some human affection.  He is good with children.  He has not been exposed to other cats or dogs.  Gus Gus can be a little shy when first getting to know people but eventually comes around.  He is a bit stressed right now due to the change in his living situation.  However, with time, patience and kindness, he should adapt just fine.  If you are looking for a young cat who is not as crazy as a kitten and if you have the time & patience to help him adjust to a new home as well as love in your heart,  please give Gus Gus the second chance at a forever home that he truly deserves.

Please note:

  • Gus Gus is ok with small children
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