Bugsy has been adopted!


Soft orange Bugsy is a sweet ball of fuzzy love. He isn’t boisterous and does appreciate a little extra time to get used to new people and places, but he can’t resist a rolling jinglebell ball and has lots of bounce and pounce for soft cloth mice to bat and feathers on a wand! He shares velvety head boops and cheek rubs as he gets to know you and responds lovingly to an extra bit of patience and affection. He loves his adorable brother and sister and gets along well with bigger cats. He’s a fuzzy wuzzy classic guy in his dense, bunny-soft coat, with a slightly darker, wide-set “M” placed perfectly over his big, beautiful amber eyes! Could a handsome, mellow, lovable boy named Bugsy be your beloved new family member?

Littermates:  Basil, Boris