Ada has been adopted!


Cloud-soft, dove gray Ada-1 is an adorable tabby princess with a classic tabby “M” on her forehead that looks more like a tiny crown! But her sweetness is even greater than her fuzzy wuzzy beauty! She adores snuggling into welcome arms or a cozy lap, sleeping on or near her people, purring her lovely purr the minute you look at her, and helpfully watching you read, text, or type! She’s has a bit of a regal air that has her romping energetically with her high-spirited fostermates, but also content to nap just outside their cuddlepuddles or observe some of their wackier hijinks from a little distance. Like them she has not yet warmed up much to the family’s medium sized dog. Her classic beauty and irresistible sweetness will be a joy in a forever family that will cherish her! Could precious Ada-1, with her great capacity for affection and companionship be the beloved girl in your loving family?

Littermate:  Devrim Kay