Eva Levante has been adopted!


Little miss Eva Levante is a lovebug whose favorite place to be is near her humans! This sweetie doesn’t hesitate to come right to you and hope your lap is available for cuddles and head scratches or a cozy snooze. She’ll also be more than happy to keep your keyboard warm, help you read your book, play with your fingers while you text, and sleep on you at night! Spirited playtimes with her fostermates are a highlight of every day, and every toy from rolling ones to bouncing, crunching, and flying ones are all favorites! As much as she loves her people and other kittens, the small dog has not added to her happiness! Her big, beautiful, instant purr, fuzzy wuzzy classic tabby coat, and super sweet personality will have you snuggling up at every opportunity! Could this very affectionate and fun-loving darling named Eva Levante be the new love in your life?

Littermates:  Asher Mir, Cayde