Cayde has been adopted!


What a handsome little dude brown tabby Cayde is! His stunning coat is an unusually dramatically mix of deep chocolate browns and rich molten golds making him Best Dressed for any occasion! But it’s his winning personality full of affection and fun that will make him a beloved member of a great forever family! He will run right to you and hope he’s welcomed into your lap where he will purr his sweet purr for you and snuggle in like a pure lovebug! This darling and his happy fostermates put the fun in every day with their endlessly comical romps and hijinks! As fun-loving as he is though, he hasn’t warmed up to the medium sized dog in his foster home. When the day is done don’t be surprised to find him sprawled on your chest or next to you to dream his sweet kitty dreams! Could Hollywood-handsome, cuddly Cayde come home the circle of your family’s love?!

Littermates:  Asher Mir, Eva Levante