Cat 19503 (Cassidy) is available for adoption

7 months old

Inky black Cat 19503 is ready to find her furrever home along with her brother & sister in her sweet litter. She loves to be with her people as much time as possible and never tires of cuddles and snuggles. Her playful, happy nature means that every toy is her instant favorite, and little games and adventures are always a hit! She is just the biggest ball of love. She's a tad bashful and disappears when things get crazy, but loves to cuddle on your lap in a calm environment.  All she needs is a family that understand and has a little extra patience. It's no surprise that this girls favorite thing is wet food. Her classic Bombay coat is cloud-soft and very easy-care. She's a sweetheart and a beauty and will be an affectionate joy in a secure and adoring forever home. This sweet girl would love to be your darling forever treasure!

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