Pebbles has been adopted!


Softly striped plushbug Pebbles has been the undisputed leader of her darling siblings since day one! When her big curiosity, spirit of adventure, and fun-loving playfulness converge, mischief is sure to follow! Romps, races, and explorations are second nature to this dove gray sweetheart, but when she comes in for a landing she’ll hope she can curl up in your lap for some loving and a cozy snooze as she dreams of the next playtime! Like a rascally toddler she may be full of the dickens, but she’s also completely irresistible! What a happy, loving girl this little housetiger will be an adoring forever home where she will be a beloved doll! Perfect Pebbles has her bags packed and can’t wait to meet you!

Littermates:  Pearl, Tucker