Rick has been adopted!


Who’s that good-looking guy in the silky striped suit? It’s handsome tabby doll, Rick, who would also like you to notice his wonderful velvety polka dot belly! He knows if you notice it you can’t resist scratching it - one of this sweet boy’s very favorite things! His cutiepie look-alike brother, Morty, is his tireless playmate and shares his love of the cat tree, any toy that rolls, and feathers on a wand! They are super friendly with everyone, including the adult cats, and the calm dog once they got to know him. Morty would adore a home where he will be a beloved boy and will get his back stroked and his tummy tickled a lot! Could this great tabby housetiger named Rick find his forever future in the circle of your love? Could two wonderful tabby tiger brothers be the purrfect ticket to your double joy?!

Littermates:  Charlie, Morty