Anthony has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Seal Point

Adorable Anthony is ready to change the course of history - the history of a great forever family! And with a face like his, that is no stretch of the imagination! Foxy big dark chocolate ears and a face worthy of the greatest photographer make this doll a blue-ribbon boy! His beautiful sapphire eyes don’t miss much and are always on the alert for a welcome lap for a sweet cuddle and a cozy snooze. His twin sister Cleopatra is very likely to share that lap! They’re a loving little team whether they’re snuggling together in your lap or romping and racing and generally kicking up their beautiful, velvety heels! They both like bigger cats, love their siblings, and are great with children! Hollywood-handsome Anthony is ready and waiting to bring his sweet, handsome, fun-loving wonderfulness to a great family that will cherish him! How about yours!

Littermates:  Bonnie, Cher, Cleo, Clyde, Sonny