Cher has been adopted!


Meet beautiful Cher, a fuzzy wuzzy little lady of many colors! Her one-of-a-kind classic calico coat of rich tones is truly a stunner, a gorgeous complement to her showstopper face! With a voice like a goddess, when she sings everyone listens, especially her darling siblings! Her handsome brother, Sonny, loves to sing right along with her when they aren’t busy hooting it up in endless kitten games and adventures! Everything about this precious girl is bright, lively, lovely, affectionate, and fun! She has enjoyed bigger cats too and is great with children! Who can resist this perfectly irresistible little charmer named Cher, to bring a touch of rock star to a sweet forever home! Maybe a famous pair would be even more perfect!

Littermates:  Anthony, Bonnie, Cleo, Clyde, Sonny