Bonnie has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Lynx Point

Beautiful, blue-eyed Bonnie is the sister half of a gorgeous matched pair of lynx point sweethearts in a litter of 5 dolls! Her most important mission every single day is to steal your heart! Her closest companion is her handsome twin, Clyde, but all of this fuzzy wuzzy troop are responsible for unstoppable energy and entertaining hijinks! Every game, exploration, adventure, and toy is irresistible to this sweetheart. And when it’s time to rest, this darling, affectionate girl will snuggle right up for any available cuddles and love. She also gets along well with bigger cats and is great with children! Lovebug Bonnie would adore being the cherished new girl in your forever family!

Littermates:  Anthony, Cher, Cleo, Clyde, Sonny