Cleo has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Seal Point

Plushy lux and beautiful little Cleopatra is the sister in a matched pair of stunningly gorgeous kittens! But beauty is only one of her great traits! It’s her happy, playful spirit, and especially her lovebug nature that will steal your heart! Romps, races, and wrestling matches with her brother, Anthony, keep things lively and everyone laughing! She also loves her other siblings, bigger cats, and is great with children! And when it’s time to rest, she’ll gaze at you with those amazing baby blues and snuggle right into your cozy lap, which is often shared with her brother! For this precious darling, nothing is sweeter or more welcome than loving head and tummy rubs that will have her purring like a furry little freight train! Cleopatra was Queen of the Nile, but this special Cleo will quickly become the queen of your loving heart!

Littermates:  Anthony, Bonnie, Cher, Clyde, Sonny