Avalon has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
lync point

Super plush and lux Avalon is a truly stunning, sapphire-eyed beauty! It hard to believe she was left behind in an abandoned house but thankfully rescued and placed in a wonderful foster home. There she has gained confidence and security, gotten along with a gentle dog, and become a pure lovebug! She adores lap time and being petted, shares lots of cheek rubs, and enjoys a little chat, but always with a quiet voice! Sometimes she’s a finger and even earlobe nibbler, and while she’s gentle, that may startle an inexperienced person or small child. Her sweet purr is readily shared to show her loving appreciation. She’s picture-perfect, deeply affectionate, and highly companionable, and is sure to be a beloved girl in a sweet forever home. Adorable Avalon hopes she’s the perfect treasure for you!