Toffee has been adopted!

Brown Tabby and white

Sweet-as-candy, brown tabby Toffee is a joyful lovebug who instantly purrs when you rub his belly, loves to lay on your head or under the blankets, and can’t resist a laser pointer game or jinglebell balls! He loves spending time with his sister Creme, who can’t resist any of his goofy games and is always happy to be ambushed when he thinks she isn’t looking! If he’s alone he talks a lot, but if anything else makes even the smallest noise, he has to check it out! He has also gotten along well with a bigger cat and with reasonably calm older kids. If a handsome, happy, super snuggly sweetheart would be the perfect treat for you, tabbysaurus Toffee is waiting to meet you!

Littermate:  Creme