Lance RW

15 weeks old

Lovable Lance is the super handsome, dark-striped, spotted-bellied sweetheart among his batch of boisterous housetiger boys! Other than their different colors (his three brothers are orange fluffers) these darlings are cookie cutter cuties! They are, according to their foster mom, “a barrel of fun!” They are full of spunk and curiosity and play endlessly with each other and their toys. While every toy is worthy of their attention, the feather wands to chase are at the top of their list of fun time favorites! They also “have so much love and kisses to spread around, love to talk to you, and have truly been a complete joy in their foster home”! Is it any surprise they are also good with other cats and with dogs and with kids! They are ready and waiting to be the beloved boys in great forever homes that will cherish them! Silky, lovable, kissable Lance hopes he’s the perfect classic tabbysaurus sweetheart for you!

Littermates:  BooBoo RW, Tyson RW, Yogi RW