Ruthie is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

15 weeks old

Adorable Ruthie is as sweet as her sugary smile and completely irresistible when she plays with her favorite toy, a soft fabric butterfly! All playtimes have her bouncing and pouncing, but her little ballet slippered feet leap and twirl like the dancing doll that she is! She’s a beautiful cuddlebug too who loves her people and her siblings and has gotten along with bigger cats and with dogs. While loud noises don’t bother her, a little extra time is appreciated when she meets new big people and children, though she does warm up quickly in a gentle environment. Her tawny orange stripey coat is especially dense and bunny-soft with a soft ivory bib and perfect eye highlights! Precious Ruthie is ready to dance her way straight into the loving hearts of a forever family that will cherish her. How about yours?!

Mother: Rosie
Littermates:  Redding, Renni, Riley
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