Reggie has been adopted!


Meet rollicking Reggie, a rompin’ stompin’, belly rub lovin’ little treasure! His big milk-white smile is always his best accessory, and his handsome coat of classic and dramatic stripes make him a boy who’s always dressed for success! He’s super playful, has never met a toy he could resist, but especially loves his little cloth mice that keep him happily bouncing and pouncing and string toys that keep his athletic skills sharp! He’s been fostered with his darling sister, other kittens and cats, and with dogs, and loud noises like barking and the vacuum cleaner don’t bother him. He’s a little skittish with children at first but warms up pretty quickly. If a great little guy with good looks, a belly to rub, and plenty of ways to make you smile, sounds just right, easy-going Reggie would love to join the circle of your forever family’s love!

Mother: Crystal Railroad Mom(Rosie)
Littermate:  Rikki