Rosie is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

Orange w/ White
1 year old

Young mamacat Rosie has done a purrfect job of caring for her six darling babies! Her sweet, lovable personality has made her an excellent nurturer, and now she has earned a sweet forever home of her own where she will be the one being lovingly nurtured! She’s quite a well-round girl who is very trusting, likes to play with every kind of toy, hopes to get to sit on your lap for snuggles and ear scratches, and is brave and outgoing so that even vacuum cleaner and lawn equipment noises don’t phase her. But that’s not all! This gorgeous orange beauty, with her bright white bib and ballet slippers, is deeply loving and lovable and is sure to be someone’s great forever joy! Could this precious darling named Rosie find her forever love and comfort in the circle of your love?

Reggie, Rikki 
Children:  Redding, Renni, Riley, Ruthie
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