Socks has been adopted!


Lovebug Socks is a precious little girl full of dainty sweetness and great gentleness. And she’s always beautifully attired for any occasion in her beautiful glossy tuxedo with perfect little bright white shoes! A darling tiny splash on her velvety forehead looks like the perfect teardrop pearl accessory! She’s the gentlest of her lively troupe of six adorable sweeties, and the only one who’s outfit isn’t striped jammies! In her foster home her foster dad says she has gotten along great with older cats and has such a loving personality that she will very politely paw at you to get your attention. Such a perfectly precious little girly girl is sure to be a beloved addition in a forever home that will cherish her. Sugar-sweet Socks hopes she’s the darling doll you’ve dreaming of!

Littermate:  Molly