Brown w/ socks

Squeak is a feisty, funny girl whose cute meow sounds like a squeaky toy! In her long, lanky body, it’s no surprise that this happy girl can jump! She could easily be an Olympic contender or a little prima ballerina in training! In addition to being impressively athletic and low-maintence, she has an air of independence which is no small feat since she’s one of six high-spirited, bouncing, pouncing sweethearts! Crazy playtimes keep them all hopping and every adventure is irresistible to this curious cutie! She has also been happily fostered with bigger cats. Her beautiful tabby coat is smooth, sleek, polished, and easy-care, and her satiny black button nose and notably large velvet ears make her a darling, endearing girl! She’s sure to be a mellow, fascinating, and loyal companion, happy to share your affection and easily satisfied with a low-key lifestyle. Who can resist a sweetie like Squeak?

Littermates:  Molly, Socks