Domestic Medium Hair
Brown Tabby

Meet Chip, a super affectionate little tabbyman who loves to talk and makes biscuits like a pro to show his love. He’s a funny little guy who happily romps with his five livewire brothers and sisters and can be counted on to be a mischievous rascal when that adds to the fun. He also gets along with bigger cats. He’s a “total lap cat” according to his foster dad, which is a good thing because this sweet boy loves to be loved! His handsome striped outfit with its snow white undercarriage and busy feet and adorable face highlighted with bright white, make him a classic tabbysaurus treasure! He has his talking points ready and his biscuit-making skills honed and is ready to light up the lives a forever home as loving as he is. Charming Chip hopes he’s the perfect fun and affectionate sweetheart for you!

Littermates:  Molly, Socks