Sadie has been adopted!

Calico tabby

Sweet and sassy Sadie Is a little dynamo in a petite package! Along with her three happy siblings, romping, wrestling, racing, and climbing keep the action high-energy! And this beautiful, spunky sweetheart climbs the highest and runs the fastest! She is also the most enthusiastic diner of the bunch! She has also gotten along with other cats and with dogs and has been exposed to older children. She’s a uniquely gorgeous little girlie due to her silky marbled mix of soft colors, and a perfectly adorable, perfectly symmetrical face, with its pouty perfect sugary smile! She has an abundance of spirit and sweetness that will make her a joy in a forever family where she will be a beloved treasure. Could precious Sadie be your darling doll?

Mother: Vikki
Littermates:  Artie, Melanie, Teddy B