Artie is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

4 months old

Darling Artie is a sunny-spirited classic orange tabby boy. Playtime is his favorite time, and happy hijinks with his three sweet siblings keep the days full of romps and games! If a toy can be batted and chased, a ball sent flying, or a cat tree expertly climbed, he’s first in line for the fun! This good natured sweetheart also gets along with other cats and with dogs and with older children. He’s companionable but doesn’t need much hands-on attention, and easily curls up and conks out on any surface for a nice nap. Then he’s back in action finding little adventures and making up little explorations to entertain himself and his siblings. A super soft, easy care coat and darling face with russet racing stripes on his sweet cheeks, make this handsome guy an irresistible example of tabbysaurus perfection! Artie is ready to play and nap and bring his sunny orange self to a great forever home that will cherish him. He’d love to be yours!

Mother: Vikki
Littermates:  Melanie, Sadie, Teddy B
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