Mitzi passed away 10/31/2020. RIP.

Domestic Short Hair

Meet sleek and petite Mitzi, a purr-bug beauty who loves to be petted and loves to play! She gets along great with other kittens and bigger cats, which means there are plenty of happy, high-spirited playtimes that keep this sweetie dancing on her dainty velvet feet! While every toy is enjoyed, her most favorite playthings are empty boxes and paper bags! Her gorgeous face is a classic with big, intelligent eyes, high cheek bones, and an impressive set of large silky ears. It’s no surprise her hearing is outstanding, so she has a keen awareness of everything going on. She’s wisely a little caution about new situations so will appreciate a bit of extra time with new people and places. Scoop her up or invite her to sit with you for petting, and she will bring her lovely, steady purr with her. This elegant ebony darling is ready to be a beloved addition in a loving home that will protect and cherish her. Could precious Mitzi be the purring little jewel for you?

Littermates:  Marco Polo, Mason, Melody, Milly, Monty, Murphy
Mitzi and Marco Polo