O'Malley has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix / Nebelung

Oh my my you handsome dusky guy, you must be O’Malley! He’s the ringleader and instigator, most playful and most curious, and that’s saying something because he’s one of a batch of six beautiful and high-spirited siblings, all named after the characters in Grey’s Anatomy! He brings plenty of enthusiasm to everything he does and extends his great outgoing personality even to bigger cats, and dogs, and kids! Like his lively brothers and sisters, he’s a climber and may climb your leg if that’s the best way to get your attention! In his soft, dense coat of pearly gray-blue, he’s a picture-perfect classic boy from his satiny nose to velvety toes to the tip of his fuzzy wuzzy tail! His bags are packed, he’s practicing his pounces, and his excitement is building for a great forever family that will treasure him! Happy-go-lucky O’Malley would love to be your oh so special boy!

Video: Meet O'Malley
Mother: Bailey
Littermates:  Callie, Jackson, McDreamy, Owen, Yang