Callie has been adopted!

Domestic Medium Hair
Buff and White

Whether it’s shouldering her way into the food line or climbing straight up the cat tree at warp speed, you can count on cute-as-a-button Callie to give it her all! She has a daredevil spirit in a beautiful, bunny-soft buff and white package, with a spunky sense of fun that entertains her people and her playmates! She’s one of a batch of six Grey’s Anatomy named kittens plus their mom who could easily keep a film crew hopping! Bigger cats, and dogs, and kids are also just fine with this friendly, out-going cutie! And when she comes in for a landing, she just might use those impish climbing skills to scale your leg to get to the snuggles she’s craving! She’s a feline 50/50 bar of sweetness and fun and will light up the lives in a wonderful, loving forever home! Could darling Callie be the confident, cloud-soft sweetheart for you?

Mother: Bailey
Littermates:  Jackson, McDreamy, O'Malley, Owen, Yang