McDreamy has been adopted!

Domestic Long Hair
Buff and White

Downy-soft McDreamy is equal parts darling fluffbug and boisterous, bouncing funbug! With his five Grey’s Anatomy named brothers and sisters, the days are full of raucous romps and rambunctious revelry! If it rolls, flies, bounces, crunches, or can be climbed, he and his sibs are on it or up it - including an occasion favorite person’s leg! This fun-loving and confident cutie also gets along with bigger cats, and dogs, and kids! He’s as handsome a kitty as there is with long, white legs, and a gorgeous face with perfect white highlights and a dreamy, rosy pink nose and pouty little mouth. What an adorable doll he is sure to be in a home that will cherish him! Could dashing McDreamy be the dandy delight for you?

Mother: Bailey
Littermates:  Callie, Jackson, O'Malley, Owen, Yang