Asteria is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

15 weeks old

Could a kitty be the first woman President, because torti-wonderful Asteria has what is takes! She’s the first one to bound into the room to meet and greet everyone, and leads the way in the buffet line, and cozies right up in a welcoming lap for any offered snuggles and cuddles?! And she has a winning, awesome purr that she shares generously! With her high-energy spirit and bright intelligence she’s a great favorite playmate of her sweet siblings! Romps and races through the house are a common occurrence  with this adorable little kitten caucus, with jinglebell balls and ones that crinkle often in play! She has also gotten along with adult cats but is still cautious with the dog. What a doll she is in her gorgeous, silky coat of soft colors and a perky little face purrfectly highlighted with brushstrokes of ivory around her bright eyes! This cuddlebug sweetheart has everything needed to win the hearts in a loving forever family! Precious Asteria would love to be your #1!

Littermates:  Andromeda, Annabelle, Atlas
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