Kitten 19975 is available for adoption

5 months old

Kitten 19975 is a cute classic Tabby, but she's a little shy around new people.  She is warming up to our staff, she will let you pick her up and hold her. She's super sweet, fast movements tend to startle her but she is coming out of her shell every day. She will warm up to the right person, however she'll require extra patience as she continues to let her guard down. She arrived to us with her littermates in need of shelter and extra TLC.  We hope someone will consider adopting our shy gal. She loves to play with all her playmates and curl up to take a nap in a good sun spot. She gets the zoomies and plays with everything that rolls or makes noise. A playmate will sure help her come out of her shell!

Littermates:  Kitten 19972, Kitten 19973, Kitten 19974, Kitten 19976

Please note:

  • Kitten 19975 is shy and needs a quiet home
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