Kitten 20041*

6 months old

Could this handsome little face be more wonderful with its perfect symmetry in his classic black and white tuxedo accessorized by a velvety pink nose and mouth?! Sweetheart kitten 20041 is, indeed a darling playful loving dude! He has an irresistibly playful, has a energetic personality and great enthusiasm about everything! He loves to run around and play with the other kittens in our adoption room, talk about the zoomies! Once he's settled down or sees someone he will rub your legs asking for cuddles, he likes being picked up and get his cheek scratches. He also enjoys naps in cozy spots, and purrs sweetly to share his happiness! Such an adorable, well-rounded, and stunningly handsome guy will be quite a special member of a great forever family. Could sugar-sweet kitten 20041 find a place of love and security in your welcoming home?