Kitten 20049 is available for adoption

Brown Classic
4 months old

Cute-as-a-button Kitten 20049 is the purrfect example of a classic tabby girl! She’s as sweet and affectionate as she is playful, energetic, and curious! Every toy is an instant favorite, and every playtime gets her full attention! When it’s time to relax she’s a cozy cuddler who will hope you’re available for a snuggle and a snooze. Her siblings are a lively, loving bunch, and her sweet sister Kitten 20048looks like her identical twin! She has also gotten along with bigger cats and is curious about dogs. This classic little beauty has a densely soft, easy-care coat, sugar-kissed mouth, and irresistible satiny brown nose. Darling Kitten 20049 can’t wait to be the the cherished new girl in her very own loving forever home!

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