Kitten 20066 (Parrot) is available for adoption

4 months old

Parrot is an all-around great kitten! She’s beautifully dressed for all occasions in her cute soft tabby coat, a standout in any crowd! But it’s her lively, loves to be on your shoulders spirit that makes her a hit with her cutie pie playmates and people. She let's you know she's hungry or wants head scratches by her chirping at you. She’s a great climber who likes to explore everything and “hunt” imaginary prey and then completely sprawl out to relax. And no tissue is safe when she’s around! What an adventurous, affectionate, and irresistible sweetheart she is! Parrot hopes she’s the perfect new gal for you!


Littermates:  Kitten 20065, Kitten 20067
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