Kitten 20084 has been adopted!


We recently rescued this sweet girl who had a rough start at life. We think, but can't be certain she may have been thrown out of a car. When she arrived, we noticed she was struggling to walk.  After vets visits and some TLC, she's all better now and ready for that loving home. You'll have to be quick to beat Kitten 20084 to whatever ball she swats across the floor. In another life she could be a batter in the Major Leagues! Instead she's a great kitten who is looking for her very own forever fan base to call her their own! She has gotten along happily with everyone and shares his good nature and easy-going affection easily. She's a big eared, cloud-soft sweetie.  It's game time for Kitten 20084 who hopes she'll be the adorable MVP on your welcoming team!