Stash is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

14 weeks old

Comical little partners in crime, Stash and Levi, are deeply bonded brothers who are ready to gallop into a great forever home! They’ll be bringing their super friendly personalities, happy hijinks, and Hollywood-handsome good looks. Every toy, whether it rolls, dangles, flies, or f crinkles, is a hit with these fun-loving sweethearts! And every adventure and exploration captures their enthusiastic curiosity! They are very upbeat, out-going little guys who have even gotten along fine with well-behaved, friendly dogs, and will likely enjoy well-behaved kids too. Stash is the gold and white brother who apparently got into the gold paint jar and delightfully decorated his own nose! And like his brother he may climb your leg to get attention! Stash needs a playmate in his new home!

Littermate:  Levi

Please note:

  • Stash needs a playmate in his new home
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