Tobbie has been adopted!


Meet bouncy pouncy twirly Tobbie who has the spirit and agility of a tiny ballerina! This beautiful tabby treasure is super playful, and can make her gorgeous striped legs swirl and pirouette with the elegance of a dancing delight! Her three darling siblings are her lively playmates in endless games and funny adventures, and a multi-level ball track tower and any kind of rolling toys keep things hopping! Happy romps and races keep her on her velvet toes, and other cats and kids have been this sweetheart’s friends! She’s a study in dramatic, dark stripes and swirls, except for her pouty little mouth that is sugar-kissed and irresistibly adorable! This perfect girl is a classic tabby treasure and sure to be as fun, loving, and loyal as a kitty can be! Exuberant and affectionate Tobbie would love to dance her darling self into the hearts of your loving forever family!

Littermates:  Tanner, Tippie, Tucker
Tobbie and Tucker
Tobbie and Tippie