Georgia Peach has been adopted!

Buff cream

Fuzzy and perfect little Georgia Peach is a pure sweet treat! With her lively brothers and sister, fun is the order of every day, and this happy, feisty fluffbug is a worthy opponent in all their entertaining romps, races, and wrestling matches! But it’s her irresistible lovebug nature that will have her falling asleep in a warm, welcoming lap, preferable after a good tummy rub, one of this sweetheart’s favorite things! From its soft color to its silky floofiness, her lovely coat is uniquely beautiful and accessorized by a long, elegant, ivory-ringed tail and a perfectly gorgeous face with a powdered sugar smile. This precious girl is sure to be a fun and affectionate delight in a forever family that will cherish her - and rub her tummy! Sweet Georgia Peach would love to be your darling doll!