Sparky's adoption is in progress!

Domestic Short Hair
15 weeks old

Sparky is a ray of golden sunlight in a glossy coat of midnight black. He’s an out-going, super friendly, and curious little boy whose endless playtimes with his brother and sister are full of kitten hijinks, toys, and dangly things to chase! Every funny adventure and exploration keeps them busy! He has also been fostered happily with bigger cats. This handsome, polished little guy loves his people and brings his big, happy enthusiasm to everything whether it’s heading booping or bouncing after anything that rolls! He’s jet black, bunny soft, sweet as sugar, with a warm and sunny spirit ready to light up the lives in a home that will protect and cherish him! Precious Sparky hopes he’s just the sunny boy for you!

Littermates:  Cozmo, Tiana