Kitten 20164

Orange (Kinky tail)

Cutiepie alert! Here comes kitten 20164 & his extra toes! He’s an irresistible handsome little doll who is sure to be a stunning big boy someday! He loves to talk & get your attention and once he does he all purrs! He’ll also be showing off his awesome extra toesies because he’s a purrfectly precious polydactyl! But it’s his sweet disposition and playful spirit that will make him a loving member of a great forever family. Rolling jingle bell balls and ones that crinkle, and fabric tunnels and soft toys dangling on a wand, all instantly become his favorite toys. If you have ear and chin scratches, sweet snuggles, and a handful of toys to share, darling kitten 20164 would love to meet you!

Littermates:  Kitten 20165, Kitten 20166