Josh is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

14 weeks old

Sweet, playful Josh is a fabulously friendly, particularly playful, and positively purry little guy who loves to chase, wrestle, romp and explore! He's a huge fan of wet food and chicken treats and loves chasing little yellow nerf balls that he can carry in his mouth. He also enjoys burrowing under pillows and covers so he can ambush his sister, Donna, or to try to ambush the adult cats in his foster home. He loves to hang out on the back of the sofa and just watch what you're doing. He has done really well with the adult cats in the home and is a very social little guy.

Littermates:  CJ, Donna, Jed

Please note:

  • Josh needs a playmate in his new home
Josh in the back (CJ in the front)
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