Donna is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

14 weeks old

Darling Donna is a great combination of friendly and playful and her sweet little nose looks like a heart, doesn't it?. She is a ferocious fighter of fuzzy toys and loves to tackle, wrestle with and bunny kick them. She's also got a great little purr and she especially loves cheek rubbies when she's sleepy. She's quite the explorer, loves to climb, and spends her days happily chasing, wrestling with and sleeping with her brother, Josh. She's a high-energy girl who then crashes (sleeps) is some entertaining and amazing positions.... inside smelly shoes is one of her favorite choices. She also likes to sit at (or on) your feet ... so keep your eyes out for this little purring sweetheart. Donna has become very attached to the adult cats in her foster home and follows them around to sleep with them .... she definitely needs Josh or an adult cat (or two!) in her new home!

Littermates:  CJ, Jed, Josh

Please note:

  • Donna should go to a home with an existing cat
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