Marmalade has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Orange and White

Hi there! My name is Marmalade, and I’m the lovable rascal in the middle of my four fun-loving brothers and sisters!  My motto is playplayplay, and every toy whether it rolls, flies, bounces, or crinkles is my instant favorite! I can hoot it up for hours, but eventually I do come in for a landing. I have a cool meow like a bark and use it if I want something including you, because I do like to be picked up and snuggled even if I’m busy. When my day of fun and games winds down, I love to cuddle up with you to fall asleep and dream of the next day’s adventures! As much as I love to play, a have a sweet, snugglebug nature too.  I’m told my big soulful eyes are irresistible and perfectly highlighted with deep orange racing stripes across my fuzzy cheeks! A pink velvet nose and pouty pink satin lips reflect my lovebug side! I hope I have everything a happy forever home is looking for, because my name is Marmalade, and I’m ready to be someone’s beloved bouncing boy!

Littermates:  Apricot, Ginger, Opal, Smolder