When you’re cute-as-a-button and your name is Rascal it shouldn’t be a surprise that you’re out-going, playful, and can rock and roll in the rowdiest of romps with your cutiepie  brother and sister! But it’s a little surprising that this adorable rascal is a sugar sweet little guy who will run right up to you and sit in your lap for cuddles and to watch whatever might be going on around you. He’s very loving and mellow and loves to have a good time with every kind of toy and in every lively game. But he’s the first one to run and hide if he hears a loud noise. Handsomely attired in his suit of stripes with those big, perfectly highlighted soulful eyes, and a smile dipped in sugar, this fine little man is a classic tabby treasure! Could irresistible Rascal be the funny and affectionate tabbysaurus lovebug to find his forever in the circle of your love?