Keanu has been adopted!


Cute-as-an-orange-button Keanu is always ready for his close-up! This sweet and fun little character is quick to share his fuzzy tummy for a rub, always happy to follow his foster mom’s big cat around, is curious about dogs, and has plenty of steam for his siblings’ lively antics! And cuddles and cheek and ear scratches are always welcome and rewarded with loving looks and a quiet purr. What an all around darling guy! His big curiosity can make a plaything out of anything, but it really doesn’t take much for him to be entertained. He’s as classic as a boy kitty can be in his soft, sunny orange coat of handsome tabby stripes and a face perfectly dusted with ivory highlights. Could joyful, frolicsome Keanu bring his bright sparkle to your sweet forever home?

Littermates:  Katsu, Kelsey