Starburst's adoption is in progress!

1 year old
Starburst is sponsored by Jan V.

Meet tawny tripod treasure Starburst, a handsome huggable hunk who doesn’t know the word handicapped! His history includes an unhappy accident that required our care and the amputation of his damaged leg, but this spirited lovebug doesn’t seem to know the difference! He loves everyone he meets, gets along great with other cats, and would probably do well with well-behaved dogs. And he’s proof positive that a snuggly boy can make plenty of one-handed biscuits, he’s just that sweet and happy! Plenty of affection is his favorite thing, so a forever home that wants to scoop him up and cuddle him close is his big dream now. He’s uniquely attired in a soft, dense coat of gorgeous russet red, with an award-worthy set of long, glistening whiskers, and beautiful meadow green eyes, just three more irresistible things about this dandy dude! Could sweetheart Starburst, with his truly winning personality, be the one-of-a-kind treat to gallop into your welcoming world?