Hudsun has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Orange and White

Happy-go-lucky Hudsun is the most easy-going of the orange and white tabby triplets, lovingly referred to as My Three Suns.  A good Samaritan rescued the triplets at the tender age of 6 weeks.  Since that time they have been raised in a loving foster home where there are plenty of other cats and large dogs running around.  Hudsun was the first kitty to be drawn to the foster family cats, especially to a much larger version of himself... a 20 lb. cat.  Hudsun can spend the entire day sleeping with the adult cats, but he's easily coached into a game of chase with either one or both of his brothers.  He requires a little extra time to rev up his engine before he's running on full kitten throttle.  Hudsun has a special talent of sharpening his claws multiple times a day.  Please be prepared to provide him with his own piece of carpet, cardboard, or a scratching post and he will make good use of it.  When in a large room filled with noise or moderate activity, Hudsun tends to dart behind furniture or seek shelter inside a kitty tunnel.  As more of an introvert, he shows a preference for quiet, cozy places to nap, especially a warm lap.  Come and meet this happy guy so he can put a smile on your face!

Littermates:  Dawsun, Jaxsun
Jaxsun & Hudson